#11187 NORM 1.75-so: Output audio sounds raspy on XO-1.75

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Sat Aug 27 00:54:34 EDT 2011

#11187: Output audio sounds raspy on XO-1.75
 Reporter:  greenfeld  |                 Owner:  saadia       
     Type:  defect     |                Status:  new          
 Priority:  normal     |             Milestone:  1.75-software
Component:  kernel     |               Version:  1.75-B1      
 Keywords:             |           Next_action:  diagnose     
 Verified:  0          |   Deployment_affected:               
Blockedby:             |              Blocking:               
 Output audio in Speak, etc. sounds raspy on an XO-1.75.  This could be a
 sampling/aliasing issue like the OFW sound, some sort of underrun/overrun
 issue, or something else.

 Written up separately from #10831 for clarification due to the number of
 complaints coming in about it.

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