#11144 NORM Not Tri: Application menus unusable in Firefox w. Gnome on 1.75

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Mon Aug 15 19:55:36 EDT 2011

#11144: Application menus unusable in Firefox w. Gnome on 1.75
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Changes (by Quozl):

  * next_action:  reproduce => diagnose


 I can reproduce between a 4 and 6 second delay.

 When firefox is run from a Terminal, there is an error message emitted at
 the point of pause:

 socket(): Address family not supported by protocol

 strace was run with -r -f -o and -p flags, with the strace started with
 the mouse pointer over the File menu, and stopped once the menu appears.

 strace shows the error message above is due to a socket(PF_INET6,
 SOCK_STREAM, IPPROTO_IP) call.  Perhaps we are missing IPv6?  ifconfig
 does not show IPv6 enabled.

 During the strace there are many gettimeofday and futex calls, presumably
 for the threading implementation.  Immediately after the error, three
 gettimeofday syscalls show the immediately preceeding futex has taken
 almost exactly one second to return.

 During the strace there are also filesystem references to pulseaudio

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