#10122 HIGH 10.1.3: distance not working well on XO-1.5

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#10122: distance not working well on XO-1.5
           Reporter:  dsd                        |       Owner:  bemasc       
               Type:  defect                     |      Status:  new          
           Priority:  high                       |   Milestone:  10.1.3       
          Component:  acoustic-measure-activity  |     Version:  not specified
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        Next_action:  review                     |    Verified:  0            
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Comment(by erikos):

 Replying to [comment:12 godiard]:
 > The attached patchs do the following:
 > 1) At the activity start, save the values of volume and set value at
 100%. When the activity close restore to the initial values. In my tests I
 couldn't measure more than 4 meters with the volume at 80% (the default
 value). When I set to 100%  I could measure 12 meters.

 I wonder a bit if an activity should be setting the general Volume. At
 least in GNOME you have relative volumes (though we use pulseaudio there).
 Maybe we can get away with an alert to set the volume to high?

 > 2) The second patch change values of times between the messages sent by
 network and the start of the sounds. I have more stable measurements with
 these values.

 I presume that those values are dependent on the network conditions. Best
 is if bemasc could comment here, as he knows the logic in this place of
 the code, if it makes any difference.

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