#10415 NORM 10.1.3: Protected activities support (prevent accidental activity deletion)

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Thu Oct 28 10:46:05 EDT 2010

#10415: Protected activities support (prevent accidental activity deletion)
 Reporter:  greenfeld    |                 Owner:  erikos       
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 Priority:  normal       |             Milestone:  10.1.3       
Component:  sugar-base   |               Version:  not specified
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 Protected activities support (the ability to prevent kids from deleting
 certain activities by accident) was added to mainstream Sugar builds with
 Sugar labs ticket #2087.

 We are considering this adding this to our Sugar builds starting in
 10.1.3, but I cannot find an OLPC ticket to track this.

 We also have to determine what activities we want to prevent the deletion
 of by default (all, or just some?).

 If implemented, this needs to be documented along with how to alter the
 protected activities list.

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