#9888 NORM 10.1.2: measure activity doesn't work with en_SZ.UTF-8 locale

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Sun Oct 17 12:10:44 EDT 2010

#9888: measure activity doesn't work with en_SZ.UTF-8 locale
           Reporter:  wad                        |       Owner:  cjb                   
               Type:  defect                     |      Status:  closed                
           Priority:  normal                     |   Milestone:  10.1.2                
          Component:  acoustic-measure-activity  |     Version:  1.0 Software Build 802
         Resolution:  fixed                      |    Keywords:  XO-1 measure          
        Next_action:  no action                  |    Verified:  0                     
Deployment_affected:                             |   Blockedby:                        
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Comment(by bernie):

 Replying to [comment:20 edmcnierney]:
 > Using "locale -a" will correctly report the locales we have chosen to
 include in a given build, but that's a bit of a circular argument.

 Note that there's no en_SZ or pt_MZ locale in glibc on any Linux
 distribution. This isn't a bug or a missing feature in glibc. There simply
 isn't a need for a separate locale for these regions.

 I asked this question to two Mozambican Linux users: they use "Portuguese
 (Portugal)" on all operating systems. I asked if adding a variant for
 Mozambique would be desirable, but they said there's no need for it
 because all language and locale conventions match Portugal. I asked if
 there were any problems for monetary systems, but one said: "even banks
 use it this way, we have no problems".

 > If we are ever to support this SKU, we need to create the en_SZ locale
 and include it in our glibc build.  I think that's what dsd said 3 months

 An much easier work-around would be to catch pt_MZ and en_SZ in olpc-
 configure and correct them to pt_PT and whatever is the standard value for

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