#10398 NORM 10.1.3: can't inhibit lid wakeups on XO-1

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Fri Oct 15 15:30:19 EDT 2010

#10398: can't inhibit lid wakeups on XO-1
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 there are cases in which it would be desirable for opening the laptop to
 not wake it from suspend.

 there is a sysfs node (/sys/devices/platform/lid/power/wakeup) which
 should allow us to disable such wakeups.  and it works: once.  after
 writing "disabled", the next lid open will not wake the laptop.
 unfortunately, _all_ lid reporting is disabled as well, and can't be re-
 enabled by writing "enabled" to that node.

 looking at olpc-pm.c, it seems that the event status bits for the lid edge
 detection aren't cleared except in the actual wakeup case.  the attached
 tentative (untested) patch causes them to be cleared

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