#10210 NORM 10.1.3: Make SISUSBVGA devices trivial to use

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Mon Nov 8 16:19:19 EST 2010

#10210: Make SISUSBVGA devices trivial to use
           Reporter:  martin.langhoff  |       Owner:  martin.langhoff
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           Priority:  normal           |   Milestone:  10.1.3         
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Comment(by greenfeld):

 Tested a bit in 10.1.3 os352 with various activities, suspending the
 laptop, unpluging/re-plugging in the VGA adapter, etc.

 Issues noted:
  * On an XO-1.5, DPMS is enabled on the VGA adapter (DISPLAY=:0, not
 DISPLAY=:1) and may blank the screen if idle.  The xset command appears to
 be usable to control this, provided you point it at the right display to
 change the settings of.  Screen blanking appears to be disabled for the
 XO's display, or at least not as easy to trigger off.  [[BR]] I did not
 look into how to control this for an XO-1, but the process is likely

  * The font size/scale shown within Sugar by an XO-1 with the single
 external display view seems to be smaller than the font size/scale used by
 an XO-1.5 mirroring its display to the external VGA adapter.

  * On an XO-1.5, all four Sugar view shortcut keys do not work when the
 external adapter is in use.  Most other keys (Journal, Frame, Brightness
 controls, etc.) seem to work.

  * We may be risking forcing activity toolbars off the screen, especially
 when translated into other languages.  The Write activity is a good
 example of this (the View toolbar selector is barely onscreen).  This
 likely is an artifact of many activities being hardcoded for the XO's
 screen resolution.

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