#10162 NORM Not Tri: sugar-control-panel complains about 'could not open display' on console

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Mon May 17 19:35:08 EDT 2010

#10162: sugar-control-panel complains about 'could not open display' on console
           Reporter:  kevix          |       Owner:  dsd          
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          Component:  sugar-toolkit  |     Version:  not specified
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Comment(by Quozl):

 You don't say what it does instead of working, but I've tried it myself on
 XO-1 build 802 and XO-1.5 build os124 in a shell started from a text

 Several of the output messages can be ignored, since they have no effect.

 Much of the control panel relies on awareness of the active Sugar
 instance, and GConf.  The connection to GConf is obtained using the active
 DISPLAY.  If DISPLAY is not set, then you will get an error about that.

 It does work though if:
  * the shell is user ''olpc'',
  * the DISPLAY environment variable is set to :0,

 This is changed in the current version of Sugar, so before opening a
 ticket with bugs.sugarlabs.org I suggest you reproduce it on the current

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