#10207 NORM 1.0-sof: wake-on-WLAN regression on XO-1

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#10207: wake-on-WLAN regression on XO-1
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Changes (by pgf):

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 well, i still haven't actually tested wake-on-arp on XO-1 build 802, but
 http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2010-March/027775.html strongly
 suggests it doesn't work.

 the mechanisms to make it work are described in #6993, and reasons why
 those mechanisms might be broken are described in #3732.  i can't actually
 tell from the last several comments in #3732 whether the logical filters
 are expected to work or not.  in any case, i don't believe we've ever
 implemented the code necessary to use the filters to cause wake-on-arp to

 i'm also sure that the code that manages those filters, from the old
 wext.c and ioctl.c of the libertas driver on the olpc-2.6 "testing"
 branch, is not present at all in the 2.6.31 branch.  whether because it
 wasn't upstreamed, or simply not ported forward, or maybe was deprecated,
 i'm not sure.

 nutshell:  no wake-on-arp on 2.6.31.

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