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#9515: TamTam suite
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 Fabiana tested tamtamsynthlab(52) , tamtamedit(51), tamtamjam(52) and
 In tamtamMini, it looks like the tags for the 'electronic' and 'south
 american' drums are reverted.
 With tam tam edit, having trouble with the select/unselect function.
 Sometimes I cannot unselect, and my cursor stops responding (but that
 could be a mojo thing, cause it is happening a lot). I also get 'garbage'
 lines built in instead of the 'notes' (I can get rid of them when I
 select/unselect, if I manage to do that). Havent been able to choose
 instruments (but that may just be me). TamTamSynth lab totally crashed me.
 I could highlight the connections but not reconnect/disconnect. I also
 couldnt select the 'elements' (got stuck on FM) and couldnt stop the
 program except with <ctr>q
 Cheers, Fabiana

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