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#9500: YouTube should just work.
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Comment(by mikus):

 I'm not sure of the intent of #9500.

 My concern is that on XO-1.5 os32, YouTube did *not* work "well enough".
 [I'm using the latest plugin from Adobe.]

 I tried looking at YouTube with four browsers.  Opera was the best - one
 could see visual hesitations (i.e., frame drops) in "lots of motion"
 scenes - but both the video and the audio could be followed (if sometimes
 "jerky").  Browse (Sugar) was next - though not as "smooth" as Opera.
 Midori was a distant third.  [I was surprised - I expected Midori to do
 better.]  Firefox (latest version) was almost unwatchable (incomplete
 frames, significant pauses) - perhaps because its canvas greatly exceeded
 the XO-1.5 screen size.

 I notice that when playing movies with Mplayer, the XO-1.5 (build os32) is
 significantly __LESS__ capable (must have small canvas to avoid jerkiness)
 than the XO-1 (build 801) was.

 I agreee that "YouTube should just work".  But in mid-Oct 2009 the XO-1.5
 ability to present YouTube videos is not there yet.

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