#9684 NORM 1.5-sof: Include serial drivers for various 3G modems in kernel modules.

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Sun Nov 22 15:57:56 EST 2009

#9684: Include serial drivers for various 3G modems in kernel modules.
           Reporter:  rsmith  |       Owner:  dsaxena                          
               Type:  task    |      Status:  new                              
           Priority:  normal  |   Milestone:  1.5-software                     
          Component:  kernel  |     Version:  Development build as of this date
         Resolution:          |    Keywords:  os40 option modems               
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Comment(by rgs):

 Replying to [comment:6 pgf]:
 > the only reason not to do this is space -- i did an experiment where i
 enabled all the USB serial modules, plus, i think, the bluetooth modules
 (since i have a personal interest in those) and the extra space taken was
 something like 10-12MB.  that might not be unreasonable, but a) there are
 probably lots of other modules we could include (someone was asking for a
 webcam the other day), and/or b) we certainly wouldn't want to do that on
 an XO-1.  (and, we shouldn't be thinking of 4G machines -- we should be
 thinking of the 1.5-lite machines (2G).)

 I think I haven't seen this in other distros but it might exist: perhaps
 we could have RPMs for each bundle of modules (3G modems, Webcams, etc.)?

 It's not a perfect solution for deployments, but it's better than the
 current (no support) situation.

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