#9722 NORM 1.5-har: high pitched electrical noise

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Fri Nov 20 09:51:45 EST 2009

#9722: high pitched electrical noise
 Reporter:  dsd       |                 Owner:  wad           
     Type:  defect    |                Status:  new           
 Priority:  normal    |             Milestone:  1.5-hardware-C
Component:  hardware  |               Version:  1.5-B2        
 Keywords:            |           Next_action:  diagnose      
 Verified:  0         |   Deployment_affected:                
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 On both of my B2s I can reproduce a continuous, high-pitched electrical
 noise. Simply open the Scratch activity. The noise begins at the end of
 Scratch's startup sequence and continues until you stop the activity.

 Tiago Marques also reported this on the mailing list.

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