#9706 NORM Not Tri: os42 - /etc/fstab behavior has changed

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#9706: os42 - /etc/fstab behavior has changed
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Comment(by mikus):

 Replying to [comment:1 dsd]:
 > This is intentional and is the same way that all recent OLPC releases
 have worked (due to temporary state functionality).
 [[BR]]This may be intentional - but that is __NOT__ how os40 worked (nor I
 believe os41), nor any builds before os40.

 This os42 change in how mounts in /etc/fstab work caused me considerable
 effort to get my system back to "normal".  Claiming that the os42
 /etc/fstab behavior is "the same way that all recent OLPC releases have
 worked" is mistaken.

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