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#9706: os42 - /etc/fstab behavior has changed
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 On all other systems, I've been putting in /media/the-partition's-UUID
 into /etc/fstab as the target directory on which to mount my "permanent"
 SD card's partition (that SD card is in the XO-1.5's external SD slot).
 Os42 tells me there is no such mount point - therefore does not
 "automount" my SD card.  [Even if I manually 'mkdir' that mount point,
 somewhere between shutdown/reboot that mount point (in /media) gets

 [This behavior has an interesting side effect.  There is an additional
 partition on that SD card.  Sugar had been mounting that partition (on
 /media/the-partition's-UUID), even though that partition is currently
 unused.  Now, by putting in an entry in /etc/fstab with a target of /media
 /the-partition's-UUID, that partition is *not* being mounted (I don't want
 it mounted), even by Sugar.]

 To get around this new os42 behavior, I created an explicit mount point in
 / (i.e., no longer in /media) - and os42 correctly "automounts" my SD card
 partition onto that mount point.  [Something non-reproducible -- at least
 once, I've seen os42 assign '1000:1000' instead of 'root:root' as the
 userid:groupid of what it had mounted.]

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