#9404 HIGH 1.5-F11: VIA FB driver locks up during init on newer GCC

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Wed Jul 15 07:37:13 EDT 2009

#9404: VIA FB driver locks up during init on newer GCC
           Reporter:  dsaxena        |       Owner:  dsaxena      
               Type:  defect         |      Status:  assigned     
           Priority:  high           |   Milestone:  1.5-F11      
          Component:  kernel         |     Version:  not specified
         Resolution:                 |    Keywords:               
        Next_action:  test in build  |    Verified:  0            
Deployment_affected:                 |   Blockedby:               
           Blocking:                 |  
Changes (by dsd):

  * next_action:  diagnose => test in build


 The hang was actually in the viafb code, it was just difficult to debug
 with printk's because when the console sem is held, no messages get
 printed until it is released. The hang occurred with the sem held.

 The issue seems to be that we were trying to render the color boot logo
 using a codepath for accelerated rendering of mono images. This was
 confusing things. Should be fixed in olpc-2.6.30 kernel branch.

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