#8732 BLOC Not Tri: log interactivity with rainbow broken in 766

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Tue Sep 30 23:28:54 EDT 2008

#8732: log interactivity with rainbow broken in 766
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 Was trying various Activities with 766.  Noticed that some of them did not
 launch.  In the past (e.g., with Update.1), sometimes Activities stored
 their data in unauthorized places -- but with Rainbow not active, it did
 not matter.  When Joyride got around to activating Rainbow, such
 Activities would then fail to launch.

 Just to eliminate the possibility that there were *still* Activities
 storing data in unauthorized places, removed /etc/olpc-security.

 When I now tried an Activity whose previous launch (with Rainbow active)
 had logged an error outcome, this time (with Rainbow not active) the
 Activity's log in /home/olpc/.sugar/default/logs was __ZERO LENGTH__
 (i.e., empty).

 These logs are the best way to tell how come an Activity did not launch.
 To me, it is UNACCEPTABLE that when Rainbow is stopped, the current 8.2
 build wipes out this information.

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