#8558 BLOC 8.2.0 (: Help activity does not display pictures unless XO is online

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#8558: Help activity does not display pictures unless XO is online
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 When I installed the Help activity, I did not see any of the pictures on
 the initial screen it shows.  Assisted someone else in installing Help
 activity -- and he *did* see the pictures.  Investigated why.

 Turns out that, though the picture files themselves have been packaged
 into the Help activity bundle, the __LINKS__ to those pictures (in the
 various html pages) still reference the Flossmanuals repository.  ALL
 THOSE LINKS need to be changed to make *relative* references (to benefit
 users like me who massage activities) to the locally-packaged images.

 [The reason the images did not show up on my home system is that at home
 my communications path needs to be relayed to the internet, and I don't
 bother to customize my XO browsers for that path - since such a customized
 path would break the browser when I used it in any other location.  So at
 my home the browser function used by the Help activity could not get to
 the internetthese alternate designs were proposed -- and in consequence
 did not show pictures.]

 Please note that kids who may want to use 'Help' will NOT ALWAYS be
 connected to the internet.

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