#8510 NORM 8.2.0 (: dbus-python leaks object paths

Zarro Boogs per Child bugtracker at laptop.org
Wed Sep 17 23:07:32 EDT 2008

#8510: dbus-python leaks object paths
   Reporter:  marco           |       Owner:  mstone              
       Type:  defect          |      Status:  new                 
   Priority:  normal          |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)
  Component:  distro          |     Version:  not specified       
 Resolution:                  |    Keywords:                      
Next_action:  add to release  |    Verified:  0                   
  Blockedby:                  |    Blocking:  7579                

Comment(by cscott):

 Marco, I removed your dbus-python packages from your public_rpms and
 tagged the koji versions for dist-olpc3-devel so that joyride will
 hopefully start picking up the koji versions.

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