#8497 NORM Not Tri: Browse/gnash can't run a Flash .swf URL

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#8497: Browse/gnash can't run a Flash .swf URL
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 In Browse 96 on 8.2-760:

 You should be able to load a .swf URl "standalone" in the browser.  Here's
 a simple, tiny one (from the [http://www.adobe.com/products/flash/about/
 Flash about page] ):


 If you load this URL in Browse, you see the initial ''Flash'' [[Click to
 play]][X] control UI, so I assume Browse correctly loads the gnash plug-in
 to handle the swf mime type.  But if you click to play, the windows blanks
 and nothing appears.  I didn't see any errors in the WebActivity log.

 Since rendering a swf and the surrounding Web page consumes more memory,
 and since swfs on their own usually resize nicely to screen, being able to
 run a "naked" .swf URL would be nice.

 I don't know if this is a problem in gnash, libxulrunner, or Browse.

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