#8410 NORM Not Tri: Improve useability and usefulness of sd/sdhc cards

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#8410: Improve useability and usefulness of sd/sdhc cards
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 I have now a 32 GB SDHC card for my G1G1 XO:

 From a G1G1 user standpoint, the following should be "easy":

 Partition the SDHC card
 Create ext3 partition(s)
 Create NTFS partition(s)
 Boot from multiple partitions on SD card
 Make and use swap space on SD card
 Store and retrieve media files from SD card
 Resize partitions
 Manually mount and unmount SD cards from terminal

 In general, please do not implement things like the unmounting of the SD
 card given in the Graphical journal interface which break or do not
 respect command line commands such as "umount". For people who know
 regular unix, it is frustrating when features such as fstab and umount and
 don't work as intended.

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