#8313 NORM Not Tri: Can OFW save-nand be made to go faster?

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#8313: Can OFW save-nand be made to go faster?
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 The only way I know to do a thorough backup of my G1G1 XO is to use OFW,
 ok save-nand u:\my757.img
 This took about 90 minutes, for a 49% used NAND filesystem.

 The reverse procedure, copy-nand, to reflash/restore my XO seems to take
 under 10 minutes.

 My Windows-XP desktop PC can fill a 1GB USB memory stick in a few minutes.

 So given these facts, why is save-nand so slow?  Can it be made faster?
 Seems like there is potential for an order-of-magnitude speed increase.
 Then backups could be done during a coffee break.

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