#1166 NORM 9.1.0: UI to kill not responsive activities

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#1166: UI to kill not responsive activities
   Reporter:  marco        |       Owner:  danw   
       Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new    
   Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  9.1.0  
  Component:  sugar        |     Version:         
 Resolution:               |    Keywords:  9.1.0:?
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Changes (by Eben):

  * next_action:  => never set


 I closed #8755 as a duplicate of this.  I'm including the description
 there, since it nicely describes some use cases:

 ''mikus wrote:''

 When an Activity is launched, a pulsing screen is shown, and the
 Activity's icon is put in the Frame, with 'Starting ...' as the only entry
 in the palette for that icon.  There are at least two circumstances when I
 may not want that icon to continue to appear in the Frame:

   1. When, despite having launched the Activity, I decide I do not want to
 run it after all.  I could wait until the Activity starts, at which time
 the palette for that (in the) Frame icon changes to provide 'Stop'. But if
 I do not want to wait that long, I ought to be able to "prematurely
 terminate" the launching of that Activity.

   2. When the Activity's launch fails, but the "being launched" screen
 continues to pulse.  In the current implementation, that screen "goes
 away" only after a Sugar implemented time-out.  [I could alt-tab to
 another screen, but what if I don't like the "being launched" screen to be
 present for that long a time?]

 I am requesting is that a 'Cancel' entry be added to the palette that
 currently only shows 'Starting ...'.  The user could click on 'Cancel' to
 terminate the launching (and the pulsing screen).

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