#8645 NORM 9.1.0: Battery icon de-coloring intention is missed by users

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#8645: Battery icon de-coloring intention is missed by users
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Comment(by Eben):

 Replying to [comment:6 HoboPrimate]:
 > For the uncolored=unused metaphor to fully work out, the bug garycmartin
 pointed out must be fixed: #8707, i.e., when the battery is fully charged,
 and you are on AC, it gets colored, when it should stay uncolored.

 Absolutely.  This is an inconsistency in the implementation which needs to
 be fixed for this to make sense.

 > Plus, please provide the extra information that, while the battery is
 not being used by the user per se, it is _doing_ something for future
 benefit of the user, i.e., recharging. So, I propose some form of
 conveying visually that extra information to the user, discussed at #8253
 .This would also help avoid users thinking that something wrong (a bug, or
 visual glitch) happened with the battery icon.

 I think many of us are predisposed to thinking a non-colored icon is a
 bug, since a number of related bugs (eg. loss of color for APs) in the
 development process.  I hope to make the system more internally consistent
 in releases.  I understand the concern regarding colored vs. not; it's
 serving two very similar yet different cases in our UI:  present vs.
 absent and active vs. inactive.  Perhaps adding a little lightning bolt
 inside the charging icon would help alleviate this concern.

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