#9008 NORM Not Tri: B4, touchpad suddenly stops working

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Tue Nov 18 10:51:41 EST 2008

#9008: B4, touchpad suddenly stops working
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 Build 767, on a B4 laptop.

 I nand-erased and installed build 767 yesterday. I've had two occasions
 today of the touchpad stopping to work: once I was running on battery, the
 other time it was plugged to the wall.

 /var/log/messages gives the following error at the time the touchpad stops

 "psmouse serio1: recalibration failed!"
 A restart of sugar doesn't fix it. I don't have extreme power management
 activated, and when it happened, it was while using Browse or in a zoom
 level view (the B4 doesn't suspend anyway in this build).

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