#8928 HIGH 8.2.1: Switching language loses arrows

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Mon Nov 3 14:21:07 EST 2008

#8928: Switching language loses arrows
 Reporter:  bert            |                 Owner:  etoys        
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 Priority:  high            |             Milestone:  8.2.1        
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 Etoys 3.0.2159: Make a script like

 {{{o's direction <- o's direction + o's direction}}}

 and notice the left+right-pointing arrows (green triangles) at the end of
 the expression. Now switch language, e.g. to German ("Deutsch"). The
 arrows disappear.

 Now drop another line into the script. Right-pointing arrows are added to
 all tiles, but no left-pointing ones.

 The expected behavior would be that switching the language does not affect
 the arrows. The current behavior is particularly annoying when loading a
 project authored in a different locale, which is the case for most
 projects on the web.

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