#7049 NORM Never A: Journal does not properly display removable device

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#7049: Journal does not properly display removable device
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 I have only a few entries in my Journal, but I have many files on a
 permanently mounted SD card.  Journal-86 at least showed a full page of
 entries for my SD card.  When asked to show my SD card, Journal-87 lists
 only as many entries on a page as it would on the "normal Journal" page
 (in other words, when showing the SD card, it does not fill the page with

 Further (while showing the SD card), when the cursor is positioned over
 the icon of an SD-card entry, the drop-down menu ("palette") displays
 information corresponding to the "normal Journal" entry that would occupy
 that position on the page, _NOT_ the information corresponding to the the
 "SD card" entry over which the cursor is being positioned.

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