#6955 LOW Never A: "tile" morph embedded in a "ScriptingTileMorph"

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Tue May 6 18:35:26 EDT 2008

#6955: "tile" morph embedded in a "ScriptingTileMorph"
  Reporter:  dmoco           |       Owner:  etoys         
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Changes (by ScottWallace):

  * priority:  normal => low


 (1) Simply getting a tile for an object from its orange halo handle and
 dropping it on the desktop suffices to reproduce this phenomenon -- no
 need for the circumlocution of dropping it onto a project link, entering
 the other project, etc., which is only a red herring here.

 (2) The phenomenon is not a bug.  For a variety of reasons, long ago it
 was determined to be appropriate to "wrap" any "naked tiles" sitting on
 the desktop in a neutral "holder".  This indeed does mean that if you want
 to get a halo on some inner structure within the tile holder, multiple
 halo-clicks may be required.

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