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#6750: Incorrect wireless setting after resume
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 I've seen this problem frequently, and it's not new (since resume started
 working in joyride / update-1).  Between work and home (10 minute walk
 through the central London RF jungle), when I resume my XO I have to
 associate manually 1/2 the time.  Work wireless has no encryption, home
 wireless is WPA2 (no I haven't got that backwards).

 Before suspend/resume was enabled, I had the related symptom that when one
 favorite (e.g., work) network was lost, and 5-10 minutes later a new
 favorite (e.g., home) was available (clearly visible in the Neighborhood
 frame), NM wouldn't switch and I'd have to manually request association to
 the newly-visible favorite.  The Neighborhood frame would also show the
 old favorite until I requested association with the newly available
 favorite, at which point the old favorite would disappear (along with a
 few other networks that were only visible around the old favorite's
 physical location).  I'm assuming that this is a separate issue but just
 in case I mention it.

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