#4910 NORM Future : Sugar UI overlaps three top bars on every activity

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#4910: Sugar UI overlaps three top bars on every activity
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Changes (by mikus):

 * cc: mikus at bga.com (added)


 Invoking the Frame :

 A major complaint with the current sugar is that the Frame pops up when
 the user does not need it.  For the time being, the *default* ought to be
 "press the dedicted key on the keyboard to invoke the Frame".

 [For myself, I often use the scroll bars at the right of certain activity
 screens.  Move the cursor too far down, and I'm no longer in the activity.
 And I exit an activity by clicking on the 'close' icon at the top right of
 the activity screen.  Move the cursor too far up, and I'm no longer in the
 activity.  Other users have expressed similar complaints about no longer
 being in the activity if their cursor comes too near the left-edge-

 So far, the sugar-control-panel seems to be used primarily to enter data
 describing the *user*.  Its goal ought to be expanded to also support
 describing  how that user wants *sugar* to work.  For instance, if the
 user wants to use cursor gestures to activate the Frame (instead of only
 the keypress being available by default), let that be an option provided
 by sugar-control-panel.

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