#6736 BLOC Update.: Read chooses a random peer to download from

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Sun Mar 23 06:27:57 EDT 2008

#6736: Read chooses a random peer to download from
  Reporter:  cjb            |       Owner:  rwh     
      Type:  defect         |      Status:  new     
  Priority:  blocker        |   Milestone:  Update.1
 Component:  read-activity  |     Version:          
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Comment(by rwh):

 Yes, this could be the case. However, he could also have left already. The
 quick-and-dirty fix is to get from the initiator if possible, and if that
 doesn't work try different peers. I think the current code tries other
 peers if downloading fails, so in the end it should be ok. Nicer fix would
 be to have the instances communicate better with each other about who has
 the complete file.

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