#6483 BLOC Never A: Sharing doesn't work in Read Activity

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Mon Mar 17 13:04:55 EDT 2008

#6483: Sharing doesn't work in Read Activity
  Reporter:  wad              |       Owner:  Collabora     
      Type:  defect           |      Status:  new           
  Priority:  blocker          |   Milestone:  Never Assigned
 Component:  telepathy-salut  |     Version:                
Resolution:                   |    Keywords:  read sharing  
  Verified:  0                |    Blocking:                
 Blockedby:                   |  
Changes (by cjb):

 * cc: cjb (added)


 > Could be related to #6537. Can you try to disable read suspend (touch
 /etc/inhibit-ebook-sleep) please?

 Build 699 already has /etc/inhibit-ebook-sleep written, so I don't suspect
 that's it.

 Wad, you might try seeing whether telepathy-salut is still running in the
 failing state -- perhaps this is another telepathy-salut crasher.

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