#6584 LOW Never A: option to bypass scan of removable device

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#6584: option to bypass scan of removable device
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Comment(by tomeu):

 Replying to [comment:1 Eben]:
 > This seems like a reasonable request, as it's completely hidden to those
 who don't know or care about it.  I think its utility may depend to some
 extent on how we ultimately choose to implement this scanning.

 Yeah, I'm only afraid of scenarios where several people share a removable
 device and not all of them are aware of this mechanism. I'm not sure how
 important is this concern, through.

 > I assume that the most considerable chunk of time is spent doing full-
 text indexing of files on the device;  if instead we limit the scan to
 locating the files in all subdirectories and presenting them in a basic
 list, then I doubt there would be too much overhead and this may be a non-


 > Likewise, if we chose to index on demand - that is, when the user opts
 to "show contents" of the device, those that would prefer to stick to the
 command line or other tools would never experience the overhead for

 I would really love to be told from someone in the field about which are
 the requirements regarding removable devices. I'm afraid of investing too
 much time on this and not working on features that may be more important.

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