#6469 NORM Never A: jffs2 doesn't support swapping (swapon)

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#6469: jffs2 doesn't support swapping (swapon)
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Comment(by hhardy):

 Replying to [ticket:6469 gnu]:
 > Opinions differ about whether it is *wise* to make paging/swapping space
 on NAND flash.  But it is clear that the kernel should not be enforcing
 one person's opinion by making it *impossible* to swap to a file in NAND.
 > Currently (on software build update.1-rc2, MP G1G1 laptop), doing:
 > # cd /home/olpc
 > # dd if=/dev/zero of=swapfile bs=1024k count=20
 > # mkswap swapfile
 > # swapon swapfile
 > swapon: swapfile: Invalid argument
 > It fails.  The same commands work fine on my FC6 system, using an ext3
 root filesystem.
 > [I suspect that making as little as 20MB of swap space might help system
 performance, by letting it swap out modified but readonly pages.  Rather
 than what currently happens, which is that those pages are stuck in RAM
 until the process dies.  I'd like to test that theory, but there's this

 Having my 2 GB SD swap disabled has rendered my G1G1 unusable now. :(

 Reflashing it means losing any and all modifications to the system. :( :(

 Goodbye, fair Xephyr and Blackbox. Faretheewell, bounteous Opera. Good
 night, sweet CVS.

 parting is such sweet sorrow...

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