#5452 HIGH Update.: Beat XP in activity startup time.

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#5452: Beat XP in activity startup time.
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  Priority:  high    |   Milestone:  Update.2 (8.2.0)
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Comment(by tomeu):

 Replying to [comment:4 cscott]:
 > mtd: great!
 > This probably won't work for *all* modules, but it should work for a
 good number of them.
 > I'm hoping for a result that let's us replace (say):
 > :import foo
 > with
 > :lazy_import('foo')

 I'm afraid that this won't have as much impact as you think, as most of
 the modules will be imported anyway during startup:

  * because they are used anyway before the window is brought up,
  * because some other module not in our codebase imports it eagerly.

 But I would love to be _proved_ wrong ;)

 > or some such (how close to the standard python syntax can we make it?)
 so that the sugar folks can keep their 'all imports must be at the top of
 the file' coding guidelines without killing our performance.

 As I said somewhere else, if someone can provide a patch that improves
 user perceivable performance measurably by just shuffling imports around,
 I don't think that any style guideline will get in the way.

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