#7225 NORM Never A: trac improvement: reports - non-closed never changed by owner

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Fri Jun 6 14:08:41 EDT 2008

#7225: trac improvement: reports - non-closed never changed by owner
 Reporter:  ggoebel      |       Owner:  coderanger    
     Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new           
 Priority:  normal       |   Milestone:  Never Assigned
Component:  trac         |     Version:                
 Keywords:               |    Verified:  0             
 Blocking:               |   Blockedby:  7222          
 In order to provide some oversight that assigned tickets have been
 acknowledged by their owners and don't simply disappear between the
 proverbial cracks...

 Create 2 trac reports which will display all tickets which have an owner,
 but to which the owner has never replied.

 Reports variations:
 1) by date
 2) by owner and date

 Option, filter so that tickets must be at least a certain age.

 There is an assumption that it would be somebody's responsibility to run
 this report from time to time and prod owners to acknowledge their
 tickets. This would give the person indicated in 'reported by' and people
 interested in a given ticket some guarantee that that they won't be left
 indefinitely on-hold.

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