#7125 HIGH Never A: Boot fails when disk is full.

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Tue Jun 3 21:10:35 EDT 2008

#7125: Boot fails when disk is full.
  Reporter:  cjb     |       Owner:  cscott        
      Type:  defect  |      Status:  new           
  Priority:  high    |   Milestone:  Never Assigned
 Component:  distro  |     Version:  Update.1      
Resolution:          |    Keywords:                
  Verified:  0       |    Blocking:                
 Blockedby:  5317    |  
Changes (by gnu):

 * cc: dwmw2 (added)
  * blockedby:  => 5317


 It shouldn't take X any disk space to start up, except a logfile that
 isn't fatal.  This is probably some script or sugar thing; what is
 actually happening?

 Last time we had a similar issue (#5317), it was in the initrd, and it was
 solved by avoiding deleting and rewriting a file if its contents were
 exactly the same as what we were about to write (the common case).  This
 also saved wear and tear on the flash chips.

 Fixing the cause is much preferable to debating which random thing to
 delete from the filesystem!

 #5317 isn't closed yet because it also included a jffs2 patch that
 reserves some free space for root.  That patch was apparently never
 applied to either the kernel or the nand mount options.

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