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#7528: Firmware release - 5.110.22.p17
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 From Marvell Release notes:

 == New Features ==

 1.      Support for Firmware, boot2 and Non Volatile configuration
 parameters update on active antenna module.
         Firmware returns BOOT_CMD_RESP_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x2) command
 response when upgrade command is not supported.


         1. Firmware/boot2/non-volatile configuration upgrade currently
 supported on active antenna (512KB external modules). In case of other
 modules, firmware returns command response
 BOOT_CMD_RESP_NOT_SUPPORTED (0x2) to the host driver.

         2. More than one firmware/boot2 upgrade can be done, without
 rebooting/resetting the card/device.

         3. Three capability bits are defined to notify driver about the
 firmware/Boot2/non-volatile configuration parameter upgrade
 feature. Driver can get information about these bits by checking the
 firmware capability field of GET_HW_SPEC (0x3)command response.

         Host driver should issue upgrade command only if the corresponding
 capability bit in fwcapinfo is set to 1.

         These bits are


 2.      Do not adapt CWMax while running dynamic contention window

 == Bug fixes ==
         1) OLPC ticket 7150:
            Allow zero-delay PREQs

         2) OLPC ticket 7016:

         3) Set default CWMin, CWMax as per IEEE 802.11g standard.

 == Notes ==
 1. Driver patch is required for firmware/boot2 upgrade feature.
 2. Boot2 version 0x311B waits for programmed boot2 wait time only if
 offset 0x7c of flash module contains 0xFFFF2937. While doing firmware
 upgrade on new 512K module using this version of firmware boot2 would not
 wait for 'boot2 command wait time' and would jump to firmware stored in
 the flash.

 FW release 5.110.22.p17
 Date: 07/15/2008

 md5sum: 43798c207c347b27ebb2c8be3614de7f *usb8388.img

 == Download ==
 Download from the standard location

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