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#2804: Cursor sometimes goes strange
   Reporter:  philipmac  |       Owner:  bernie                   
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   Priority:  blocker    |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)     
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Changes (by mikus):

  * next_action:  => never set


 Here is a report which seems to contradict some of what has been discussed

 G1G1, Q2D16, Joyride 2146.

 Noticed that my cursor was "jumpy" (especially with a particular
 application).  If I remember correctly, it was not jumpy with Joyride
 2056.  By "jumpy" I mean that for a small movement of the mouse, the
 cursor "jumps" a greater amount than expected -- and not always in the
 same direction as the mouse movement.

 What makes this unusual is that I'm running my system with an USB mouse --
 my hands are nowhere near the XO and its touchpad.  And I think it
 unlikely that the circuitry in my optical mouse has deteriorated.

 [I'm probably wrong - but what I'm thinking of is that the "data packet
 content" describing the physical mouse movement is being incorrectly
 interpreted by the SOFTWARE responsible for "placement" of the cursor.]

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