#7453 NORM 8.2.0 (: Need to bring in sysprof userland packages

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#7453: Need to bring in sysprof userland packages
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Comment(by tomeu):

 Oh, true, the sysprof module is there, only not in the place where the
 program looks.

 For using sysprof I had to:

  - install sysprof-1.0.9-4.fc9
  - move sysprof-module from /lib/modules/<version>/kernel/drivers/sysprof
 to /lib/modules/<version>/extra
  - install the needed debuginfo packages

 I use to run sysprof remotely on my regular machine, and the cpu overhead
 is quite small. Also, one year ago we profiled X and it worked quite well,
 we didn't needed to rebuild it, just installing the X debuginfo packages
 was enough.

 There's one branch in sysprof's repo with a collector utility, so you
 don't have to run the GUI while running the test, but for now, I'm quite
 happy with it as-is.

 Also agree with cjb in that we don't need the sysprof rpm in the builds,
 installing it with yum works just fine. From my POV, this can be closed as


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