#6256 BLOC Update.: olpc-update (and remote update) does not work on write-protected machines.

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Tue Jan 29 13:57:31 EST 2008

#6256: olpc-update (and remote update) does not work on write-protected machines.
 Reporter:  cscott   |       Owner:  ApprovalForUpdate
     Type:  defect   |      Status:  new              
 Priority:  blocker  |   Milestone:  Update.1         
Component:  distro   |     Version:                   
 Keywords:           |    Verified:  0                
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 olpcupdate release 1.9 introduced a bug which prohibited all updates from
 locked machines.  The check to ensure that locked machines were being
 updated to a properly-signed build (trac #5309) always reported that the
 build was unsigned, even if it was actually signed.  This meant that olpc-
 update on non-dev-key'ed write-protected machines never succeeded, and
 hence that remote upgrade of machines with olpcupdate 1.9 through 2.2
 would not work.

 Luckily our stable builds 650, 653, and 656 all have olpcupdate 1.7 or
 earlier.  Our first update.1 candidates, including the one we installed in
 the Mongolian trial, unforunately have an olpcupdate recent enough to
 exhibit this bug.

 olpcupdate 2.3 fixes this bug.  I've put it into joyride; it should be put
 into the next update.1 candidate.

 (Luckily the USR process would have caught this error.  Unfortunately, the
 Mongolian bits did not go through any testing process.)

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