#5481 NORM Update.: [firmware] channel setting is weird.

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#5481: [firmware] channel setting is weird.
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Comment(by ashish):

 Replying to [comment:17 dwmw2]:
 > Replying to [comment:16 ashish]:
 > > I believe 21.p22 firmware does not require channel number to stop
 mesh, and RF channel can be changed only if ad-hoc/infra and mesh both are
 > > Could you please send me exact sequence, which you think does not
 follow above?
 > I think comment 5 above shows that for the 5.110.21.p21 firmware. Where
 can I obtain the latest in the 5.110.21.xx branch? I'll check the
 behaviour there.
 I don't think we have released anything after 5.110.21.p21, and I don't
 see any changes for channel setting. Ideally 5.110.21.p21 should work.

 > > Unfortunately, at the time of design we could not include you in the
 discussion loop
 > Please could you explain this comment?
 During mesh start/stop design we came up with expected RF channel
 behaviour based on the then libertas driver --my apologies for not able to
 recall exact version.
 The idea was to handle all possible network services (ad-hoc/infra/mesh)
 and their transitions in a reliable manner. To make firmware
 predictable/simple we decided to disallow channel change if there is some
 network service running on the existing channel.

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