#6211 BLOC Future : patch for support of per packet mesh ttl

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Fri Feb 15 15:31:50 EST 2008

#6211: patch for support of per packet mesh ttl
  Reporter:  mbletsas     |       Owner:  dwmw2                         
      Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new                           
  Priority:  blocker      |   Milestone:  Future Release                
 Component:  wireless     |     Version:                                
Resolution:               |    Keywords:  libertas, ttl, mesh, Update.1?
  Verified:  0            |    Blocking:                                
 Blockedby:               |  

Comment(by cscott):

 More comments on the most recent version of the patch (in addition to what
 dilinger said):
 * I think you need a memory fence between the write to
 mesh_sk->orig_sk_destruct and the write to sk->sk_destruct in
 do_mesh_set_mesh_ttl.  Your mesh_sks_lock doesn't protect changes to sk.
 * Your definitions in linux/in.h don't match your suggested userland code
 in the header of the patch.  It looks like you need to rename both

 * please remove the bits of the patch that affect pkt_len.  That might be
 a good idea, but belongs in a separate patch, unless...
 * Why are you incrementing tx_packet_location and not tx_packet_length?
 Is that a bug?  Should you be updating pkt_len (and is that the reason for
 replacing tx_packet_length with pkt_len)?

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