#4646 HIGH Update.: Systemwide keyboard shortcuts break terminal apps (e.g. nano)

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Wed Feb 13 14:03:31 EST 2008

#4646: Systemwide keyboard shortcuts break terminal apps (e.g. nano)
  Reporter:  bemasc            |       Owner:  Eben     
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  Priority:  high              |   Milestone:  Update.2 
 Component:  interface-design  |     Version:  Build 650
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Comment(by Eben):

 Replying to [comment:12 grumbel]:
 > After a week playing with the OLPC I can say that having Sugar stealing
 Ctrl and Alt is really bad. Sure, the OLPC isn't intended for normal
 Linux/X11 apps, but in the end I have very little doubt that it will be
 used for them, since not each and every application will have a sugarized
 equivalent and there isn't a good reason to make running legacy apps
 harder then it should be, especially when the fix is so easy:

 Ctrl and Alt have traditionally been used for many of the very same
 shortcuts that we have adopted them for. In fact, this is specifically why
 we chose to use them for some of our canonical shortcuts.  That said, I
 understand that it's better to make this a policy in some cases than to
 force it upon all activities.  I ''don't'' think that this warrants
 arbitrarily changing all of our recommended shortcuts.

 > The hand-keys aren't used for anything. From what I could figure out
 their only intended use is for thumbpad-scrolling, so why not use them for
 all global keybindings that Sugar might need in addition and leave Alt and
 Ctrl to the applications. This shouldn't cause any trouble for existing
 apps and still provide easy to reach keyboard shortcuts.

 The fact that the hand keys aren't used is unfortunate, but they do have a
 very well defined purpose which will be implemented, hopefully sooner than
 later.  I don't want to confuse matters by mapping shortcuts to these

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