#6250 NORM Retriag: Browse activity gets stuck in offline mode

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Tue Feb 5 07:46:22 EST 2008

#6250: Browse activity gets stuck in offline mode
  Reporter:  supersat         |       Owner:  erikos           
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Comment(by erikos):

 How to get in the offline mode.
  - a Browse instance must be open (otherwise you only get the 'Address not
 Found' error message)
  - stop NM daemon
  - try to load a page on the internet
  - Get message: 'Offline mode' screenshot attached

 To get online again:
  - start NM daemon and wait until associated with AP
  - reload page or load another page
  - (did not have to restart the browse activity)

 I tried for a few times and was always able to load pages on the net again
 after being in the offline mode. The error message might be a bit
 confusing but apart from that I do not see this as critical.

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