#9126 HIGH 8.2.1: US English keyboard generates "wrong" accent character

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#9126: US English keyboard generates "wrong" accent character
 Reporter:  wad          |                 Owner:  sayamindu    
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 A Spanish speaking country is looking to use US English keyboards for some
 of their laptops, and want the experience to be similar to the Spanish
 keyboard.   In particular, the key sequence which invokes an accented
 vowel is different between the two keyboards:
 With an international keyboard:  vocal + alt gr/4
 With a spanish keyboard:  accent + vocal

 (Quoting Sayamindu:)
 It looks like the accent in the US English keyboard is a combining acute
 accent (U+0301), while the one on the Spanish layout is a dead acute,
 which means if you press the accent character and then, say, e, you will
 get U+00E8 (ie, a character with a distinct Unicode
 codepoint).  Accent + e on the US English will, on the other hand

 The manufacturing data on these laptops will have the LO field changed to
 a value of es_MX.UTF-8, which is used on other Spanish laptops.

 The packages that need to change are:
 a) xkeyboard-config
 b) olpc-utils (to do special casing for machines with US(Intl)
 keyboard but es_MX.UTF-8 locale)

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