#9107 BLOC 8.2.1: Pull in Latest Kinyarwanda Language Pack

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Wed Dec 10 19:31:17 EST 2008

#9107: Pull in Latest Kinyarwanda Language Pack
 Reporter:  reuben        |                 Owner:  sayamindu     
     Type:  task          |                Status:  new           
 Priority:  blocker       |             Milestone:  8.2.1         
Component:  localization  |               Version:  not specified 
 Keywords:                |           Next_action:  add to release
 Verified:  0             |   Deployment_affected:                
Blockedby:                |              Blocking:                

 We just want to be sure to pull in these latest updates which did not make
 the 8.2 cut. I am not sure if the builder will automatically do this but
 we wanted to be sure this was included.

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