#8206 HIGH 8.2.0 (: os.fork() [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory

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Sun Aug 31 11:21:46 EDT 2008

#8206: os.fork() [Errno 12] Cannot allocate memory
   Reporter:  dsd       |       Owner:  marco                 
       Type:  defect    |      Status:  new                   
   Priority:  high      |   Milestone:  8.2.0 (was Update.2)  
  Component:  sugar     |     Version:  not specified         
 Resolution:            |    Keywords:  8.2-757:- polish:8.2.0
Next_action:  diagnose  |    Verified:  0                     
  Blockedby:            |    Blocking:                        

Comment(by tomeu):

 Replying to [comment:9 dsd]:
 > When this happens, there is a lot of free memory and plenty of available
 process descriptors. What details do you suggest that we gather?

 "top reports 4mb free and 32mb cached. after dropping caches that become
 14mb free / 22mb cached"

 Unless there were several activities open at the same time, there's
 probably a memory leak. I haven't been able to detect one myself, so if in
 your testing the shell or other process has grown to use much more memory,
 I would like to know how to reproduce it.

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