#8248 BLOC Not Tri: add catchall components for 'audio', 'video', and 'books' to trac

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Sun Aug 31 04:11:40 EDT 2008

#8248: add catchall components for 'audio', 'video', and 'books' to trac
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 There are many general bugs related to {selection, playback, creation,
 format conversion} as they apply to each of audio, video, and book

 These are falling through the cracks, often for wantof a sufficiently
 general and descriptive category for organizing related issues andproblems
 which currnetly seem to apply to widely varied system components (a
 specific piceeof software, which we may not currently support; an upstream
 package tweak to add a format; a usability problem which is related to
 both sugar style and to interface design; an issue of responsiveness or
 format conversion rleated to sugar internals, &c)

 The end result is that the user experiences of using the xo for
 interacting with video, audio, or book files are all inadequate, and no
 single person or mainatiner is either independently able to fix this nor
 responsible for that experience.

 To start addressing this problem, please add these three trac compnoents.
 this is blocking small but important bits of future work.

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