#8245 HIGH Not Tri: browse prohibist normal file upload for many websiets

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#8245: browse prohibist normal file upload for many websiets
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 When usinga standar browser fileupload widget, Browse takes you to a
 selection screenfor choosing something from your journal.

 This does not work when you want to upload something that has not been
 accessed or used regularly.

 Specific cases in which this is painful:
 * you use/access more than 10 items a day. (scrolling within the mini-
 journal-browser for uploading is hard and slow)
 * you have more than 20 items on your system, total

 Cases in which this is extraordinarily painful:
 * you have hundreds of files on your system, which you normally sort by
 tag or type
 * you want to access or share files from the directory trees with hundreds
 of files on your system, such as the media, images and files that come in
 even small library or resource bundles. (first requiring batch uploading
 ofany file you might want to upload into the journal; see below)

 Cases in which this makes uploading by such forms impossible:
 * you have files to upload which is on your filesystem but not in the
 journal. you can first add them to the journal, but this is requires a
 script to be written, or first browsing by hand to every file that may be
 so needed and copying it [doubling the space used on disk].
 * you have files to upload that are on a usb key or other external drive

 A simple fix would be allowing users to hand-type a url into the url bar
 of a browse-upload widget. (right now clicking on the bar, like clicking
 the 'browse' button next to it, brings up the journal browse miniwindow)

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